Photo Session with Three Students of Esa Unggul University and One Universitas Bandung student

Photo Session with Three Students of Esa Unggul University and One Universitas Bandung student, Jakarta Barat, Another exciting story came from Esa Unggul students who underwent the Joint-Degree program in Nanjing Xiaozhuang University, China (NXU). This time the story about studying in Nanjing China came from three students of Esa Unggul Information Technology Major; Alwi, Birin and Goes.

The three students will be graduated on June 21. Before they graduate they will first do a graduation robe fitting simulation held by each faculty at Nanjing Xiaozuang University. The procession of graduation robe fitting before graduation is a tradition conducted at NXU a month before graduation takes place and is scheduled according to the respective faculties.

Alwi, one of the students of Esa Unggul who participated in Nanjing Xiaozhuang University Joint Degree program, said that during his study in Nanjing, he and his friends experienced a number of interesting experiences. One of them is to be able to feel more season than Indonesia, especially in China, because there is winter season that cannot be felt back home.

During Graduation Robe Fitting Simulation

During Graduation Robe Fitting Simulation

In addition, Alwi said, there was an interesting thing about the learning process at NXU, because he joined in an international class there, the studying process was more flexible for sharing and discussion between students. No doubt, he also learned very diverse understanding of cultures from various countries.

“In Nanjing Xiaozhuang University, we can get a lot of new experiences and learn new things, for example, we can experience various seasons, also, since we joined international class, the number of students tend to be few. Therefore, discussion and sharing with lecturers went a lot easier. It was fun and open our minds to study in English everyday” he said at Esa Unggul University, West Jakarta few days ago.

Alwi also told about the process of how he could study at NXU. The opportunity he got was from the Joint Degree scholarship information in Esa Unggul, the information he obtained is an invitation from his fellow students by applying for a scholarship and following the interview process. “Coincidentally, only 7 people participated in the selection. I followed the scholarship application process until the end, while others did not want to continue because they felt they did not meet the requirements even though it was not too complicated,” he explained.

Alwi and his friends hoped that after joining the Joint Degree lecture at Xiaozuang University for two years, they can return to their homeland by bringing a number of innovations and knowledge that can benefit the progress of the nation and the country. In addition, for Esa Unggul students who are interested in studying in China do not assume that the process will be difficult, we have to be optimistic that Joint Degree Scholarship is obtainable as long as the procedure and requirements are well met.

“Hopefully after studying for two years at Xiaozhuang University, students can go home to build the nation, and for those who want to get a scholarship, do not give up on the interview or document submission process, because as long as the procedure and requrements are well met, the dream of studying in China can be realized , so don’t give up and keep up the spirit, “he concluded.